End of summer dinner

These are the pictures of Wednesday’s dinner party at my place. When I showed them to a foreign friend, he was speechless to see us adults behave in what he defined an “abnormal” way. “Abnormal” it may well be, but I suppose also a little bit liberating. After all it was only for a couple of photos at the end of a meal together!

It may have been a glass of wine too many or just the chemistry of us funny people together that made us take a snap of ourselves miming the whipping of Gisella’s cake with altered ingredients or blowing on a birthday cake that didn’t exist, because basically it was nobody’s birthday. And then came the hurray for I don’t know what with our hands in the air.

The gist is I’m glad I spent a carefree evening with my friends with no high-brows or dummy stern conversation. After all who needs that? Life can and will bring us sad moments and we wouldn’t want to make the list longer or the moment come sooner.

The menu was pumkin risotto, curry chicken nuggets with peperonata and herbs. I named the gathering End of summer dinner, but the dishes were rather autumn-like as they should be.